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  1. Saying Good Bye to St Patricks School

    December 9, 2013 by paigetr4

    It is hard to say goodbye to this school. I came to this school when I was 9 years old and now I am 13 year old  and going to college next year. But I will come back to say hi and then goodbye.

    p.s have a Grate time next year.  

  2. Joy & Jessie The Continued

    December 3, 2013 by paigetr4

     What asked Sam?  Look Jessie answered.  When Sam looked up and  saw guns he said I’ll stay here you two go to the cave, those people with the guns are enemies,  they will kill you. Oh no they won’t said Jessie just when the enemies come in the town Jessie and Joy were in front of them.  Then Jessie  said hey Jack. Then the lieder said hello Jessie move a way or be killed. But molly didn’t move instead she said I like to see  you kill me, because I know that you killed my mother and father and my older sister. But you didn’t kill me because I had a gun.  one of your people that got killed by  my mother and you run away thinking that I will die the next day. But I lived. Now that we are here you can kill me or I kill you with a gun or a knife

    what do you think will happen

    to be continued           

  3. Three weeks

    November 15, 2013 by paigetr4

    Three  weeks Then Holidays then I go to paraparaumu  college.

    I am going to miss this school and how fun it is.

    I’m go to miss the people.

    But I am going to college.

    So that well be fun.

  4. ROAR

    November 11, 2013 by paigetr4

    This  song is made by Katy Perry and it is so  cool  hope you like it 

  5. My List of My Perfect Day

    October 24, 2013 by paigetr4

    My Perfect Day will be like this:

    hang out at the beach with my brother Hayden

    go to the museum 

    go to the movies with my friends Mary and Bock and Sara and Tash and Jess Braydan and Lauran charlotte  

    hang out with my boyfriend If I had one

    go to see my Nana and Pop

    go and see my Dad

    have dinner with my family 

    and that will be my Perfect Day    

  6. Joy & Jessie

    October 18, 2013 by paigetr4

    One day there was a horse she was black  and white  her name was  Joy and she didn’t  have  an owner, Joy was a free horse. But one day there was a girl called  Jessie and she didn’t have a home she didn’t have a mum or dad or a sister and a brother she just lived in a cave with a sharp stick for hunting.One day Jessie was just walking a round until she saw Joy drinking water and then Jessie saw hunters in front of Joy so Jessie run to the house and then BANG Jessie saved Joy. But Jessie was bleeding in the leg so Joy picked up Jessie and run. When Joy was running she saw a cave and she went in the cave and laid down Jessie and went to sleep.The next morning Jessie woke up and saw Joy and then Joy woke up and and saw Jessie and picked her up and went to the forest. When they got there they saw a town, lets go in there said Jessie. But Joy didn’t movie come on lets go and then Joy moved. So when they got there a person said who are you, I’m Jessie and this is Joy. I’m Sam and I live here he said do you live here Sam asked. No I live in the forest up there she said. What you live there shouted Sam. Just then people all looked at Joy and Jessie.

    Joy started to run and run Jessie looking at Sam and Sam looking at Jessie. When Joy looked back at Sam she saw a boy horse and the boy horse looked at Joy but Joy ran in to the forest with Jessie. Two years later. Joy woke up and Jessie woke up Jessie was 21 years old and Joy was 20 years old. Ha Joy lets go and see Sam it has been two years, OK so Joy went to the town and saw Sam should Jessie Sam looked at Jessie and smiled Jessie it’s you how old are you he asked I’m 21 she answered and you Jessie asked I’m 22 Sam answered  and how old is Joy Sam asked  she is 20 Jessie answered do you want to my cave Jessie asked OK said Sam cool lets go hop on she said just as Sam got on Joy Jessie saw something coming with guns OH NO she said.

    To be continued 


  7. The cool song

    October 18, 2013 by paigetr4

    I love this song because it makes me happy and if I’m sad or mad then I would put on this song on. 

     so enjoy 

  8. Katie perry

    September 10, 2013 by paigetr4

  9. Somewhere over the ranbow

    September 5, 2013 by paigetr4

    I love this video because  it shows love and faith 

  10. Skinny love

    August 22, 2013 by paigetr4



    hope you will love this video. 🙂



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